Favorite Apps for Designers

Let’s face it, the digital world is progressing faster each day, and new apps for our devices are constantly being made. Some of these apps we have found very helpful in our daily office life.  What is also pretty awesome about these apps is that they free (for the most part).. and everybody likes free….

Project Spotlight: Dude, where’s my column?

Previously in our REVIT tutorials, we were looking at how to construct a base model using drawing information provided by the Client.  This can be a difficult task depending on the quality of the information you receive.  Is there a survey?  Are they AutoCAD drawings?  Are there multiple sets?  Are there discrepancies?  After a certain…

Revit Best Practices: Customizing Components – Garage Door

As a continuation from our last Revit Best Practices: Adding Information to your Base Model let’s look at making some custom components.  Let’s begin with the Garage Doors. STEP 1: PREPARE AND REVIEW YOUR REFERENCE MATERIAL STEP 2: START WITH A BASE REVIT FAMILY FILE   STEP 3: START SETTING UP YOUR NEW DOOR PARAMETERS  …


This past weekend the Hayne Architects crew met up in the LA Arts District at DENK Gallery to celebrate the opening of Matthew Anthony Stoke’s Camouflage exhibit on display until July 8th.  We had a FANTASTIC time!  Make sure you check it out! Congrats MAst!