Professionalism 102 – Applying for a Creative Job

This post is a continuation of our previous post Professionalism 101 – Applying for a creative Job.  Please refer back to this post to review our original top 3 “No-nos”.

Here at Hayne we are hiring again (interested in applying, check our listing on Indeed!), and as such we are getting some interesting applicants trying to get their resume and portfolio to stand out from the crowd.  Some of their methods are not always good.  See below for three additional what “not to-dos”.

1. Comic book resume.

Although this method gets full creativity points, content is important.  DO NOT include a scene listing “the ladies love me” as a skill set… especially when a woman is reviewing the resumes.  Also, avoid any nudity.  Period.

Yes, this is real.  I could not make this up myself.

2. Head Shot.

We live and work in the greater Los Angeles area.  There are aspiring actors EVERYWHERE.  Head shots are vital to their survival and success.  Although including a picture on your resume is not a No-No, including ONLY a head shot as your application is.  Just because you are pretty, doesn’t mean your qualified.

Although, this hasn’t happened here@Hayne, this is a true story from one of the Interior Design firms that we work with on a regular basis.

3. Sexual ADvances.

This should be obvious.  Talking to your interviewer about their body (unless it is their body of work, i.e. their portfolio) in your cover letter IS NEVER A GOOD IDEA.  EVER.  Stay away from sexual advances period.  I meant it.


Here’s to hoping I DO NOT need to continue this list.

Got any horror stories form your own hiring experience?  Let us know!

Cover Photo by Corinne Kutz

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