the HAYNE way: R-R-R

Here it is again, and it even came faster than the Monday… yup, I am talking about good ol’ Wednesday. In our last post we talked about how here@HAYNE we like to tackle the beginning of the week with a morning office meeting (if you missed no worries just click here). So now two days have gone by, its the middle of the week and this is when Holli and I like to use our little handy system called RRR.

Review – Re-evaluate – Revise

We use this system to quickly go through the list from our Monday Morning Meeting and make any changes on the focus for the work load that week. An example of this would be if a project’s priority gets bumped up because a client wants to meet tomorrow morning and so new drawings or revisions are needed for that meeting and people think things can get done in a day! In this case work being done for another project will be need on hold so that the work for the this project can be completed.

Review: This is where we go through the project list and filter out what has already been accomplished by checking it off.

Re-evaluate: This is when we look at what hasn’t been completed yet and where it stands on the priority list. The green text are added notes to help update the task status.

Revise: Lastly, this is where we make any priority shifts based on our evaluation. The stars help determine priority, 3 stars being highest priority. The black star is from the Monday meeting that prioritized the project and the red stars do the same but prioritize by task.

There you have it! Keeping small systems like these can really help keep the office organized and on point!