the HAYNE way: Monday Morning Meetings

It is here again, and seems to come faster each week. Yes, I am talking about Monday.

Here at Hayne we got a system for our Mondays: Monday Morning Meetings (every once and a while they end up on a Tuesday or Wednesday, but you get the point.)

The point of the meeting is to update everyone with what was done last week and what needs to be focused on for the upcoming week. Sometimes projects will need to get prioritized and get bumped up on the to-do-list. This is very helpful to keep the team on the same page and keep track of the status of each project. Below is a template example of how we organize our meeting in text.

Now sometimes there will be team members that get very excited about a project that they carry the “recap meeting” to a full blown in depth discussion. In which case can be when the doodles appear. Remember kids, Monday Morning Meetings are for brief recaps and projected work for the projects… key word brief. Below is an example of meeting notes from my notebook.

After going through the meeting, I find it helpful to pull out crucial items that need to be done and construct a Weekly Task Listfor the week that can get updated and checked off throughout the week. Check the example below.

This is helpful because not only does it list out what needs to be done, but who needs to be doing what as well. The boxes can get either fully colored in when complete, or half if only a portion of the task has been done. In this case, I have the green pen mark to show things that need to get pushed to the following week in order to get the highlighted priority work done and red pen marks for additional notes.

See, Mondays don’t have to be all that bad, Monday Morning Meetings get a productive and focused week for the office team!