Same Tools, Different Uses

If you are anything like us, then I am sure at some point in time you have found yourself in a pickle! Luckily for you, here@HAYNE we have many tips and tricks up our sleeves that we are willing to share to help you out!

For this week, we will go through some of our daily office tools and show you another way to use them. So come on and scroll on down!

Ah yes, the rubber band, invented in 1845 by Stephen Perry(click his name if you wanna know more). These stretchy little things are great tools for holding drawing rolls together, whether to take to the city or to keep rolled up in the office. – side note: if you don’t want your rubber bands to dry up and crack then keep them stored in an air tight container like a mason jar with a twist cap.-

Now there are times in this office where we get super focused and locked in on our work. Since here@HAYNE we like tune in to music, podcasts(wanna know our favorites? check out this blog post) , movies or whatever is the flavor for that day, we might not hear our name being called dozen times. That is where these little rubber attention grabber come in.

**CAUTION: Please use with extreme care and at your own risk** 

A light and below-the-face fling of the rubber band can be a helpful way to grab the attention of a co-worker.. because rolling over 3 feet and tapping them is just out of the question.

Okay next up is the scale.

In an architecture office, this bad boy is constantly used and should be ready for action kept by your desk, but the scale can also do more than measure scaled drawings …

Got an itch? The scale has your back!..  more like be on your back to get that pesky itch!

Another great use of the scale is it’s straight edge can act as a way to tear trace paper a clean line. Way to go scale!

Let’s bring in the red pencil…

The red pencils in our office are often being hidden from our HeadMaster Hayne because his creative mind tends to never stop, which is great but sorry we have deadlines #drawingsbleedtheirownblood. As you may know, they are used to mark up drawings for any changes or edits that need to made, but that’s not all they can do..

Check out our clever Project Manager using the red pencil as a hair pin! That’s why we keep her.. and other reasons too..

Prints, prints and more prints.. Oh my! What to do with so many drawing prints that have been archived!?

Ever look at your calendar and realize that birthday party next weekend is actually in 3 hours!! Yeah, it happens, so now you in the office panicking trying to figure out how to wrap the gift. Well for starters, chill out and breathe because here@HAYNE we got you.

Use those archived drawing sheets as a unique wrapping paper! As an added bonus, a blank business card makes a cute and personal gift tag.

Drafting dots can hold the trace paper over the drawing being worked on and can easily be removed without damaging the drawing. Is that all they can do? Of course not! Back to that last-minute gift..

After wrapping the gift in the old drawing sheet you can use the drafting dot’s sticky power to hold the wrapping paper in place. Happy birthday friend!

here@HAYNE we have both Architectural and Interior Design happening which means we have many samples of different products stored up and ready to be checked and spec’d!These are a very few from our extensive collection of stone samples. Sometimes there are doubles of a sample and the question becomes “well, what to do with this wonderful double!?” We will tell you what to do with the wonderful double! Check out Porcelanosa or Caesarstone products!

Well look at that! What a lovely drink coaster.  Thank you double stone sample!

Lastly, the binder clip.. (I had to look up the name because I know it as a black paper clip but not a paper clip thing)

The binder clip does a wonderful job at tightly and securely holding stacks of papers together, but you know what else it does a wonderful job at?… of course you want to know..

A wire wrangler! The binder clip can hold your phone charger wire, headphones or whatever wire you need wrangled up! Good job binder clip!

So there you have it, same tools with different uses. Hope these were useful and let us know of any tools your office have a double use for!