Project Update: The Ridge House

The wonderful Ridge House project. This project got started back in 2013, and although there were some hardships along the way (getting it through the city.. and dealing with some neighbors that weren’t a big fan) it is going to be a great project that we are proud of. Now we are here a little over 4 years and this baby is up running! We are excited to see this project build back the natural ridge line that was lost. Click on the links above to see previous posts about this project and follow along below to get a glimpse of what is happening now.

Getting ready for some foundation!

Work boots come in all different shapes, colors, sizes and heel heights.


Rocky dirt? Add some water!

Trench anyone?

Check out the retaining walls holding back all that earth!

Oh the dirt castle I could build with all that dirt.


What gets dug out, gets built in!

Stay tuned to see some more updates as we watch the Ridge House rise!

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