Project Update: The Glass Wexler_Under Construction

The Glass Wexler has been up and running for quite a few months now and is looking great! We have painting of the T&G, framing going up, exterior work and it is exciting to see this project coming to life! Take a look at the progress photos below to get a glimpse of the work going on in Palm Springs!

Sand and paint, sand sand and paint!

Isn’t he just beaming! Ha!

Check out our awesome Hayne team member Matt Stokes documenting the project!

Did someone say soffits?!

That modern fireplace is going to add a great feel to the entertainment room!

Oh look! It is framing for the windows and door to the living room.

… the blue wire.. or the red wire…

This is clearly the driveway.. DUH!

Some exterior framing? Yes please!

Can’t forget about the sides, exterior side yard that is!

We are excited and looking forward to seeing this beautiful Glass Wexler revived! Stay tuned and follow us along to the finish!