Project Update: Malibu Modern Ranch – Here comes the sun…

At the beginning of every project, we create a workplan and set our design goals (#aggressiverealists).  When applying for a Coastal Development Permit (CDP) in Malibu, we know that the project timeline will take at LEAST 9 months and more likely a whole year.  Sometimes, its difficult to explain to our Clients why the process takes so long, but in short there are a lot of hoops to jump through…  Take for instance our most recently approved project, the Malibu Modern Ranch, which took almost three years!

2014 October 10/2/2014 Project Contract Executed
10/20/2014 Meeting with a Senior City Planner to review Site Constraints – Due diligence is important
November 11/18/2017 Meeting with a Senior City Planner to review Conceptual Design Package – Due Dilligance – Good to GO – NO ESHA

City Biologist determines no ESHA

December 12/12/2014 Archeology report completed – No significant Cultural Resources Found
2015 January  Design, Design, Design
February 2/10/2015 Planning Submittal
March 3/19/2015 City Response – Letter of Incomplete
3/26/2015 The battle begins.  ESHA or no ESHA, that is the question.

City Planner overrules City Biologist.  #eyeballit

April  Meet with the city staff to review the Letter of Incompleteness


May  Team meeting to  review previous Coastal Development Approval (when the city of Malibu wasn’t a city) for a lot split and building pads…

look, no ESHA

Let’s show the city.

June Hayne estimate for Public Hearing… #notsoaggressive
July  Fingers Crossed…
August  Fingers and Toes Crossed…
September  City Reviews the documents and determines that the Old Permits are null and void…  Only a full Biology report can show that ESHA does not exist on the site. #OMG
October 10/12/2015 Let’s get a Biologist!
10/23/2015 Architecture Design Package sent to Biology Consultant
November 11/1/2015 Biological Resources Assessment Preliminary Report – 56 pages
2016 January
February 2/1/2016 Biological Resources Assessment complete – 90 page report = No ESHA
April 4/5/2016 Planning Resubmittal
June 6/16/2016 Fire Access Approved #MyManMiles
August 8/12/2016 City Response – 2nd Letter of Incomplete – Ok, so there is no ESHA… but… we still think you should protect some plants at the bottom of the hill #poisonoak
September 9/26/2016 Planning Resubmittal – Let’s add a “fire wall”… Don’t know what a fire wall is… #GOOGLE
November 11/30/2016 City Response – 3rd Letter of Incomplete – We want story poles for the garden gazebo.
December 12/12/2016 Landscape & Fuel Modification plans approved
12/5/2016 Planning Resubmittal with a Story Pole Plan of the gazebo. #askandthoushallreceive
2017 January 1/5/2017 Project Deemed Complete
1/27/2017 Story Poles intalled
February  Just waiting on a hearing…
March  Still waiting…
April 4/11/2017 WTF why is there no hearing scheduled?  Planner on Paternity Leave and City doesn’t want to assign a different  planner.  And so we must wait.
May  Steam coming from ears…
June  Full head explosion!
July 7/17/2017 FINALLY! Planning Commission Hearing – Administrative Permit  – Commissioners vote to continue the Project for a Full Coastal Development Permit Hearing.
August 8/21/2017 Planning Commision Hearing (AGAIN)- Project Approved with a 10 Day Appeal Period
8/31/2017 Planning Resolution & Conditions of Approval finalized.  SUCCESS!
October 10/2/2017 3 Year Anniversary

#nevergiveup #neversurrender