From the Archives: Hayne goes to Hollywood

Although we primarily focus on custom residential design, every once and a while we get to “wet our whistle” with something new and exciting.  Case in point, the ECOluxe actor trailors… We learned all about trailer construction from Playmor Trailers and that knowledge came in handy when detailing our current project the MON-O-COQUE!  Fiberglass, Luan & Membrane Roofing!  We also got to tour some standard actor trailers and lets just say they were interesting…

The goal?  To create a modern, clean, and functional space for the actor to read, prep, relax and even entertain in-between takes.  The key design features included a flush mount TV mirror wall, pop-out sofa & a murphy bed to keep room for some afternoon yoga.


the Living Space
let’s take a nap

And for some reason, we did a complete walkthrough animation…

After design approval, Hollywood Trucks and Playmor Trailers went into mass production on the Single, Double and Triple Actor Trailers.

Okay, now lets get them to Hollywood!

I think its’ just about time for the teamsters to get some new wheels…

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